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While the term “leveraging your business relationships” might sound sinister and shady, the practise has been utilized for years with great success. In fact some of the wisest and most successful business people today all leverage their relationships. Everyone defines this term in different variations, but there are three common entities

  • Relationship
  • Timing
  • Intention

While some people will network and pitch anyone they meet it is even wiser to get to know people before you do anything else. It’s important to build your network and work on great relationships first. The next step is to pick and choose when is the right time to act upon your relationships. Finally the intentions must be a win-win for both parties. When you handle your relationships with care, honesty and integrity you can really succeed at this commonly applied practise that has been taking care for years.

I had met an acquaintance and family friend two years ago and we got to know each other very well. While we both knew we would do business together someday we really waited for the right time to arise. When the situation arose for both of us to gain from a mutual relationship we both grabbed for the opportunity to explore a business relationship. This came with leveraging our relationships at the right time.

Do you leverage your business relationships?

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