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Layers of Content

A content strategy is the practise of planning for content curation, creation, delivery and governance. A content curator arranges, catalogues and displays collections of data. Today a content strategy is necessary to build credibility and expertise in ones industry. More over the context of your content has never been more important.

There are 3 forms of content that most successful business must adapt:

  • Created content This is the content created by oneself. The ownership of this content belongs to your business and is usually used or shared on a blog, white papers, client resources or even used as an information product in some cases.
  • Curated content This is content shared by a business with the intention of helping your customers,networks and leads. this layer would be shared on your social platforms, recommended through email and even sometimes displayed or linked to your back-end resource centre.
  • Aggregated Content – Is the bundling of information both created or curated with the intentions of display and delivery.

An effective curator of content is one that simply adds a point of view and relevance to the audience.A curator contextualizes and frames a certain message. The intention of such content is to create conversions, call to action or increase exposure.


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