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Keynote Exposure

List building and exposure are two of the most essential marketing strategies you need to implement in today’s economy. It has become pretty obvious that without a list of followers, connections or fans your business will fail drastically. There are various methods to develop this strategy and today we will discuss keynote or speaking opportunities.

A keynote is a talk prepared by a speaker with the aims to give away great insight or content on a subject of expertise. Some keynotes include a sales funnel but lately the smart marketers focus on delivering quality content first.

A keynote when delivered well can deliver various calls to actions. It can send immediate traffic to a site, create a buzz on the social media platforms as well as rapidly increase your opt-ins and eventually build a list.

Sharing slides of your presentation using slide share, giving away a free e book, sharing the video of your keynotes and sharing key content from your keynote will create great exposure and branding for yourself.

In the end keynotes through networking events, seminars, meetings and meet ups can be highly effective when creating an awareness on yourself. You will also find that the more opportunities you speak the more gig you will receive to tackle other events.

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