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Is Guest Blogging a new link building strategy?

Guest blogging is when your article is featured on other blogs or websites. This technique is trend now more than ever and you will a lot of different bloggers out there or internet marketing websites use this strategy. While guest blogging is still in its infancy it is a unique and easy to way to benefit from this strategy. The following are the different ways being a guest blogger can impact your business:
  • Guest blogging can give you exposure to markets or lists you might not have access to.
  • Guest blogging can build you credibility when others endorse your content on their website.
  • Guest blogging can bring you more traffic and in turn develop more opt ins.
  • Guest blogging when done correctly can be a huge link building strategy for your business.
  • When your website is referenced and when keywords are anchored but not overused you will be following best practise for SEO.
  • Guest blogging to relevant high content and quality sites will in turn improve your rankings as well.
  • Having other posts from credible content writers on your blog can save you time and create automation on your website.
  • Great articles and blog posts create loyalty and credibility from your readers
Guest blogging is something that every marketer should consider doing in the future especially if you have the time to blog everyday. Some internet marketers save so much time on their blog post calendar by having various other posts from guest bloggers. This is a great way to manage your time and like auto responders you can schedule when your blogs will be posted. Blogging is a strategy that is under utilized and can have massive impact to your web presence.

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