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Is Email Marketing a thing of the past?

Email Marketing has been a strategy for businesses to communicate and market to new prospects and existing customers and followers through a series of emails consisting of content, information and offers. Lately the harsh truth about email marketing is that its been an avenue for a lot of entrepreneurs to dump sales offers onto their list with the hopes of selling at every given opportunity hence the stigma attached to it. The fact is there is so much recycled information out there that list saturation due to the heavy sales process causes a hindrance and a challenge for most online businesses today. Yet there seems to be a few online business today that have managed to utilize this strategy and focus on good content and relationship building and occasionally market to their list. The fact is that email marketing is still essential to today’s economy as it is still the cheapest method of acquiring new prospects and customers and is often used as a lead generation tool. The lifetime value of a customer must be a priority for any online business today.

The verdict is still out on list buying and the effectiveness of this particular process. The biggest damage you may incur is have a bad reputation with spam filters when you email a large list of people that you don’t know. You have better chances if you make connections with people who have list and have them endorse you or recommend you to their contacts. Joint ventures and affiliate marketing still seems to be the quickest and most effective ways to build a list quickly if you don’t have an Internet marketing budget. Email marketing consultants warn us not to buy lists because we run the risk of being a spam mailer.

You need to only email people who have agreed to receive your communications. Yes unless you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years we are referring to opt ins! Opt ins is a web form integrated on web platforms with the intention of lead generation and collecting valuable data on visitors. Getting opt In’s is even more important as it important as it gives you the opportunity to start building a relationship with a prospect and eventually having the opportunity to convert that prospect into a paying customer. We see many crappy opt-ins today but very few actually succeed into collecting customer data because the incentive to sign up to someones list doesn’t sound compelling. Online visitors want solutions to their problems. You need to give something really valuable and compelling to a prospect that will leave them no choice but to join your list. Remember to put your best foot forward!

At the moment e-businesses that focus on wanting to help visitors by giving a way good and free content away seem to be the huge list builders. If you focus on relationship buildings and focusing on working that trust with your followers the sales will comes! Like any other sales process you need to show your character, build trust and win your audiences. It is now even more important today to focus on you this if you want to succeed at influencing your list to make buying decisions. Email marketing is still a common trend today and there are living signs of successful business out there that have applied this marketing strategy as a way to create recurring revenue. Your audience is getting smarter hence you need deliver relevant knowledge with blinding speed.

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