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Internet Marketing is never on vacation!

When I first got into the world of Internet marketing I was sold on the lifestyle and claims of earnings that were made. I like many others were all hooked on how having a successful Internet business will make your life great. You would see so much hype on how people worked an hour or two a day and then spend the rest of the time sipping a margarita on a tropical island. At one point we even bought into the fast cars, the “bling” and the fancy houses. Those times have changed and after so many false proclamations and constant recycling of information we see the truth about internet marketing.

Having worked for a successful Internet marketing company I was exposed to the truth. The fact is Internet marketing success doesn’t retire you or make you a billionaire. In fact Internet marketing isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It takes years to perfect and it’s a recurring process. Like any other marketing process its a never ending cycle. Those guru’s out there hire people that work on product launches, test labs and marketing implementations 365 days behind the scenes to market the next best thing.

Internet marketing is recurring work in a nutshell. You might not be working a 9-5 schedule having a business online, you might not be reporting to the man however you will have to dedicate time to see success.

In the past having a site with a keyword rich content site could get you enough traffic to see conversions. Paid advertising became the second wave of traffic sources and shortly after SEO strategies were implemented to get targeted traffic. However the quickest and most powerful tool today is not what you apply, but who do you know that has a list willing to send you traffic. Creating a following of fan’s, followers and subscribers is where the real estate is today. Having a website is only the start of your online journey. The main focus today is exposure of your site to prospects.

The next steps are consistent marketing and a delivering a lifeline of content, services and products to your customers to increase recurring revenue. The purpose here is to consistently create ways of attaining new leads and increasing the lifeline of your current customers. Internet Marketing can be rewarding if you don’t loose focus of your goals. Creating a business plan to get you started will help you build your platform but that’s just stage one. The next stage is continuity and lead generation for new traffic sources and marketing.

If Internet marketing was easy everyone would be rich and profitable instead we see many try and very few succeed… Like any other business offline or online, work is still needed to see success. There are no guarantees, simply experiences.

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