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Internet Marketing Hangouts!

As an internet marketer we spend a lot of time researching, trading and exchanging content, strategies and processes. There are 3 terms that have evolved from such meetings that describe best where internet marketers hang out. These terms have become so familiar that some of the gurus have coined such names to sell their product line, consulting and/or events. The followings terms are words you will come across an internet marketers playbook.

Think tank – This is defined as a group of internet marketers who share time together discovering and research strategies and tips that can be applied to an online business model. A think tank’s main focus is to create a blue print to implement into a business. The main purposes of a think tank is to identify such thoughts to implement into a business platform.

Masterminds- A mastermind is gathering of successful internet marketers who create a round table discussion on different internet marketing events, trends and strategies that occur in their respective business with the purpose of improving all businesses. A mastermind is a collaborative way of setting annual goals for a business and holding accountabilities within each pillar or organization.

Incubation Labs- Are a group of internet marketers who test internet marketing strategies with the purpose of analyzing results. An incubation lab will implement developed strategies into a marketing business funnel with the intention of evaluating the results. These reports will further help a business identify what is working and what is failing in a marketing funnel.

These internet marketing groups are essential to any successful marketing business. While such group events are more advanced stages of online marketing businesses can get a ton of value from such groups. There is a rising trend of such groups across the globe today.

Have you ever been in such a group?

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