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I heard it through the grapevine…

With the ever increasing transparency of the various social media outlets out there I find it mind boggling how so many business establishments do not pay attention to negative comments of feedback. In fact with websites that now allow users to rate, comment and give recommendations based on their experiences at various business establishments owners should pay attention to such information now more than ever. Someone very wise told me that while positive feedback brings you referrals, negative feedback is like a rash. It spreads pretty quick…

A buddy of mine lives in Downtown vancouver and loves the social scene. This brave single friend of mine has quite an active social life and is found at local pubs, eateries and lounges almost every weekend. He has become a local to some of these establishments. He gave me a call on Sunday to vent his frustrations. Apparently one of the more common industries that do not really pay attention to consumer feedback is the nightlife industry. Do not get me wrong, while some of the bigger names certainly do, some local establishments take these social platforms and commenting web platforms for granted.

My buddy was disgusted this weekend when he visited a local lounge and was denied entry for being a GUY! I know I was surprised when I heard this. He was with 2 other male friends and was told that he could only get into the lounge if he brought some members of the opposite sex with him. The ironic part was the lounge was almost half empty. Then the bouncer wanted a tip and told him the only way he was getting in was if he paid for the bottle service. This is an overpriced table with overpriced drinks. Now my friend has been to this joint almost religiously for 4 years and this bouncer was apparently a new employee. My friend was questioning whether the establishment was hurting financially or if the bouncer was just money driven.

So I decided to do some research and noticed that my friend was not the only one who was going through this experience. After some local website research I found a common trend of comments from local patrons warning people to avoid the lounge on the weekend. My friend took the time to add a negative review on 15 online platforms, on all his social platforms as well as tell over 50 people in one weekend on his negative experience. Finally my friend has decided not to step foot into this establishment ever again.

Now if you are the owner of such a lounge can you afford to lose local customers because the ambassadors representing your brand are money driven and very unprofessional? Can you afford to have such comments all over the web? I find this trend occur a lot lately with a lot of other establishments neglecting acting upon consumer feedback. I needed to write and share this because if you are a business owner you need to pay attention to what your reviews are saying good or bad. PERIOD!

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