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How To Set Goals For Your Business

Business owners consistently need goals when running a business. Some business set weekly, monthly, quarterly and even annual goals. Without goals running daily operations can be very challenging. Goals determine the direction of your business and gauge the success of your implementations. Goals are a great way to identify the strengths and areas of improvement within your business.

Everyone has a different way of setting goals and I would like to share with you how I set goals for my online business. I am a strong believer of writing your goals. For me I use an excel sheet and before I start anything I first use my resources, projections and realistic numbers to gauge my strengths for the year. When setting goals and targets you need to make them as realistic as possible.

My excel sheet contains the following information,
a- Tasks needed to get each goal done
b- Resources and people involved
c- Time line and time required to get the task done
d- Budgets and costs to overcome the goal
e- Impact it will have on my business
f- Numbers based on projections
g- Vital Statistics

The more detail your goal sheet is the more involved you become in ensuring that you work on your goals.

People tend to always look at the end product, to look at the other side of the bridge but very few tend to break it down and look at how to cross the bridge first.

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