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How Goal vectors take your strategy to action?

The end result is a primary focus for most entrepreneurs today. There usually is a start point and an end point. Most entrepreneurs know they need to cross the bridge but are so busy trying to see what’s on the other side that most entrepreneurs forget to pay attention on the process to get there. Successful entrepreneurs will remind us that it’s the journey to get to our goals that matter. The biggest challenge when it comes to goal setting is we put less time worrying how we are going to attain the goals. The thought process is usually based on how the results will impact your next goal.

The art of true goal setting when setting aside business growth strategies is the action plan and the smaller task’s, steps and areas of focus to get to the big result. There is an underground title for this art and its called “Goal Vectors”. Goal Vectors are smaller benchmarks you create to attain bigger goals. Self help books have been preaching this for years however very few have labeled it or given this art a name. Most successful consultants use goal vectors when revamping a business. Based on the final vision goal vectors map out that result.

The first step to this art is to list out the main priorities and final results on goals you create. Once you have done this you break down each goal into smaller benchmarks. This would include resources, tasks and accountability’s. These vectors are the blueprint or map to the key goal you create. At this point you list down into a chart all these benchmarks and you now have a list of essentials you can now act upon. The goal vectors focus on action points and takes a vision into strategy. Once all of this is mapped out you can then tackle a few vectors everyday and track your accomplishments. The goal vectors promote taking action. The purpose for this is to take the strategies and put them into implementation.

At the end of the day these action tasks you might focus on daily gives you a measure of accomplishment which also gives you the motivation to proceed with other tasks. In time you can see how you transitioned from one vector to the other. This art of goal setting has been used by a few for years and is one of the most effective ways of taking your vision to action. Mark Victor Hansen once said, “Don’t think it, just ink it!” If you want to elevate your business visions this is where you should start. Map out your goal vectors and this will turn out to be an action plan blue print.

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