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Have you arrived yet?

I think this is a question where you would love to say yes in regards to your business. Every business owner that starts off online wants to see success. I am constantly surprised at how many website owners think that the minute they launch their websites that they have officially arrived at their destination. If you have living under a rock or still think this is the early 90’s you are clearly missing the big picture. The truth is once your website is up and running, you work has just BEGUN!

I recently had a photographer who decided to take a change of direction on their website because she felt their website wasn’t selling or converting online. When I asked her how much traffic she was getting she didn’t really know because she never applied any internet marketing strategies to the site. She was only counting on face book and had no content management strategy. She informed me that she expected organic traffic to just show up on her website with no internet marketings strategies.

The irony is that there are a ton of other business owners who suffer from the same perception that traffic will just start to show up in masses once  the website has been created. Once your website is launched it becomes the platform for you to promote yourself first. This however will only happen if you maintain some time implementing internet marketings strategies. I come across so many websites that even build a site and then you will notice empty pages or lack of resources or content which I believe only hurts your credibility.

What are your current challenges with your website?

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