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I recently had a mastermind session with 4 other internet marketers this past weekend. We decided to have some downtime and go off script on some of the things we are encountering in our business. We were going over some of the challenges we face on a day to day basis and one of the group members brought up how there is always someone in your business that has a strong opinion and goes above and beyond being a critic. All of a sudden this conversation turned into us defining such an individual as a business hater! So I decide to blog about my latest rant on how one should turn a hater into a motivator!

“The goods!”

Everyone of you has a hater! Yes even you shaking you head trying to convince yourself that this statement isn’t true! If you have heard such things like

  • “I dont understand why you have to do ….?”
  • “I would do things different if I were you!”
  • “Why are you …..?”
  • “Do you ever have the right ….?”
  • “Maybe you should think about…?”

You get the picture… you have been on the receiving end of this before! This is hating at its finest! You find a collection of such haters at work, business, play, home, strangers, partners, clients… Most businesses find themselves sensitive to such dive bombs from haters. It ends up effecting their day, their mood and you find yourself defending yourself and getting angry! The real tragedy is you show your vulnerable side and fall prey to such vultures. The more you defend yourself the more ammunition you give in to business haters

“I ll have some haterade with that!”

Rather than avoiding something you have no control of, you are encouraged to build more haters! Okay before you think I have gone off the deep end lets evaluate this. Why do haters act this way? Its simply because you are doing something they cant or are too afraid to do! This reverse way of thinking really didnt click until I had this very therapeutical meeting with these internet marketers. You see I thought perhaps I was reading into it too much. Perhaps I was the only one going through such issues. The funny part of it almost every business goes through this stage.

I have programmed my mind to know that when you do something above the status quo, when you position yourself outside of most peoples box of comfort it is very likely for you to expect some hate! You need haters to remind you that you are doing something right! Over time the haters actually find golden nuggets in all that pool of negativity. You see haters have the ability to focus on things you aren’t doing and over time this gives you even more ammunition. How do I know this?

In 2012 haters helped me

  1. Write better blogging content
  2. Write with passion
  3. Put myself out there
  4. Unleash greatness
  5. Successfully achieve accomplishments even I dared not dream
  6. Take risks
  7. Give out great content in my keynotes
  8. Build a great list
  9. Learn and apply new concepts
  10. Try new internet marketing tricks
  11. Do things people do not expect me to do
  12. Take Action
  13. Fight for respect and earn my place in this small world
  14. Show success with my clients
  15. Build a brand

The list goes on! Some valuable accomplishments worth bragging about in the months to come!

Haters will make you more confident and the more haters you have the more success you are having! Our mastermind session was so entertaining this weekend we even outlined tips on how to attract more haters!

  • Focus on your strengths and take action
  • Think and act upon it first
  • Break the rules and think outside the box
  • Own what you do
  • Dont focus on the negative comments but find value in criticism
  • Hold your ground and love the hate!
  • Dont let the haters mess with your chi!
  • Be kind to all and show good karma to haters!
  • Dont be afraid to hold on your own ground.



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