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Hard work pays off!

When the year began I had a strategy to implement. I had an overall vision of things I wanted to accomplish. Like any aspiring entrepreneur I had created goals and had set plays into motion. The next 11 months involved countless hours of effort, sleepless nights and hustle. At first I didn’t know where this journey would take me but I kept moving on. The big goal for this year was exposure in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Partnerships built from previous years were put to the test and came out with flying colours. Many projects were taken on with a ton of effort and some rewarding results. The biggest accomplishment was the accolades received on the speaking circuit. I built some valuable alliances and headlines a few major events in the city. My proudest accomplishment this year was when I was asked to speak at three events for Social Media Week and followed up being involved at the SME put on by Soho at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The credibility and contacts built from those events were ground breaking for future alliances and plays!

Just when I thought I was ready to finish the year strong this showed up in my inbox!

Hello Mr. Bosco Anthony,
You have been nominated by the local community for  Vancouver’s First Social Media Awards hosted by The Social Media Network and presented by Vancity Buzz.
Individuals have nominated you for the following categories:

  • Best Company Blog
  • Must Follow of 2013

The Social Media Awards takes place on March 28th 2013 at the Roundhouse Community Center. The Top 7 nominations will be invited to the ceremony that will host over 300 attendees to a night of speakers, complementary food, networking and awards. For more information on The Social Media Awards and the process, please visit Social Media Awards.

While there is a long process ahead and there is no certain guarantee that I will win this award, I was nominated. This itself is a proud accomplishment. It makes all those sleepless nights staying up until 2am blogging even more worth it. It makes all those hours on social media platforms fruitful. People ask what is the ROI of social media and blogging. My answer is simply IMPACT!

While 2013 promises a ton of surprises, I will tell you that I am even more motivated now than ever before to continue to deliver and impact on a higher playing field! Happy holidays everyone!

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  1. Congratulations Bosco! Your blog is one of my favorites in internet marketing and I am working on implementing your advice as much as possible. I will see you at the Meetup of Meetup’s next week. All the best if I don’t get to see you, it looks like it will be a massive event.

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