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Great Ideas!

I recently heard a former CEO state that “great ideas are parked”. I look back when I was first starting to get into businesses. The very thought of different ideas excited me however I was very hesitant to act on any such ideas. The truth is many business owners take their creativity for granted and end up parking their great ideas until its too late or seeing some other business act on such ideas.

Most entrepreneurs have great intentions but due to a lack of budget, research or testing abilities, end up shelving such ideas until its too late. In fact many entrepreneurs are known to take years before they revisit their creative side. Due to procastination or feeling overwhelmed many give up on acting on such ideas. I was one of those entrepreneurs who managed to turn the tide and see success when I started to list and act on my ideas. The key is create a visual when it comes to your ideas so that you can act on such ideas.

There are a few entrepreneurs who have shown excellence by acting on their ideas. Bu putting their vision into action they have managed to turn such ideas into a huge profit stream. The best advise given by most such successful entrepreneurs is allowing you the room to document such ideas and doing some research on how to get the idea going into implementation. While some ideas will be dumped after identifying the steps to act on such ideas you will probably find a few golden nuggets along the way.

The key is to act on such ideas and not park your ideas. Are you one of the many that parks your ideas?

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