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Got Klout?

For the longest period I have been very skeptical about Klout. This social metrics tool is designed to gauge your influence and the score is supposed to gauge how effective your social media presence is. Klout has had many critics and when it had some reported bugs a few months back, a lot of people were quick to jump ship and outcast this social metric platform. I am always asked what my Klout score and if I used it in my business.

The truth is for the biggest time I have been avoiding Klout. While I connected my social platforms I just chose to avoid keeping tabs on my Klout score. I recently logged into and while I avoided looking at my score, I did pay attention to my influencers, influences and the topics I was sharing on the social platforms. It turns out that Klout was bang on the topics I seem to be specializing in. You see the metrics look at my conversations, look at the K’s I receive and give and finally gauges my interaction.

Now for the grand finale, Do I depend, use or live by social metrics? The truth is I do not! At the end of the day my klout score, the topics, my influence all does not give me a definite or accurate measure on ROI. Social media must drive traffic, conversions and revenue. Social metrics give me an idea on how effective I am communicating on my social platforms but that does not mean the people I am interacting with are my true customers, prospects or revenue leads. Social platforms compliments my marketing phase but that doesn’t mean its the only way of marketing.

Do you use Klout? If so how effective is your social metric analytics?


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