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Google Engage Turns 1!

Google Engage celebrated its first birthday Monday afternoon and the event took place at the Vancouver Art Gallery. While very few knew about the event the room was packed with attendees and there was good turn out of small-sized pay-per-click agencies and digital marketers. Google had done a great job on branding keeping the same consistencies on their legos, drinks, bags, clothing attire, decorations and birthday cake.

The event kicked off with a quick acknowledgment from Deepak who works as an account executive from the Toronto Office for Google in the auto industry. The first item on the agenda was a panel with Chris Breiks from 6SMarketing, Nasser Sahlool from DAC group and finally Doug Jasinski from Skunkworks. These are some of the big online marketing agencies in Vancouver specializing in digital marketing boasting a large portfolio of clients in the past few years. The panel shared some great insight on pay-per-click and how their companies grew over time. Their experience both on projects and dealing with clients were essential for any digital marketer hoping to build and grow their brand.

Here is a quick recap of pointers that caught my eye:

  • Most of these digital marketing agencies focus on building an authority online for major brands.
  • Some faced challenges of where to allocate the marketing budget to a project and gave a few pointers on what to look at.
  • On average 40% of the marketing budget goes to digital marketing
  • It is very important to take the analysis of any campaign and report it in a friendly manner to corporate leaders
  • Almost all corporate companies do not speak the digital marketing lingo! Use a tangible tactical language.
  • Students who are in charge of some of your marketing initiatives could put your company at risk.
  • Invest on previous experience, data and years of knowledge rather than just getting a cheaper offer.
  • Digital marketing is not taught in school. Everyone and their dog is jumping on the google engage coaching platform and its important to work with a credible agency or an experienced digital marketer.
  • It is very easy for analysts to drown in data and become paralyzed.
  • Focus on data that you can make an impact on.
  • SEO/SEM experts make it easier to get tons of data. Tell a story from that data.
  • Reports can be presented over email but in person is preferred.
  • Re-marketing was working really well for some clients.

I asked the panel if they noticed digital marketing use social monitoring tools apart from the keyword tool offered by Google to find trending keywords. They mentioned that some agencies do use them and dropped names like the usage of Radian 6, Sysomos, Raven Tools.

After the great spread of bites we got back into groups and discussed the future of video marketing, mobile marketing and search. Our group came up with three main key future speculations

  1. Search will be even more personalized. In our opinions Google Plus isn’t just a social platform but an intelligence platform.
  2. The future pioneers will be content authorities for organic search
  3. Mobile and Augmented Reality will have a big play in where we are going in the near future!

We then got to see how effective Google new feature, Google Hangouts On Air was when there was a great musical performance across Calgary, Montreal and Toronto all celebrating the 1 year anniversary. The event then ended with a cutting on an awesome Google branded cake and networking sessions.

In case you are wondering how to sign up for google engage you can visit their site here.


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