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Google Analytics: The basics

I recently consulted a medical professional who has paid top dollar for his business website. The challenge was there was no way of gauging any metrics on traffic because Google Analytics was never set up. In case you have been living under a rock all these years it is pivotal for your website to have Google Analytics encoded onto your website:

  • It’s the only free tool that will give you an in-depth report of your traffic
  • Its features include location demographics
  • It gives you user intelligence of how your website is being viewed
  • Advanced analytic reports
  • Platforms used to analyze your website

It is necessary for you install a Google Analytics code onto your website – Watch the video below to learn more on the processes on how to do this. The video below was created by local pulse marketing which gives you a step by step process on setting up Google Analytics

Finally here is a video from Google on a quick video guide on getting started up with Google Analytics



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