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Google Alerts

I am really surprised at how many business owners who do not pay attention to social monitoring tools. While there are many different types of social tools there is one tool that is very useful to your business. This would beGoogle Alerts. As a business owner you have the ability of extracting whatever keywords that are essential to you by tellingGoogle what you are looking.

You essentially plug in your keywords and Google will do the rest. It will send you notifications or alerts on  any of the search terms on blogs,news,video,groups or comprehensive websites. While it does extract some of the social platforms the time frames of notification may delay. Overall this tool is an asset to any business owner.

Here are a few reasons why you should use Google Alerts

  • Track online results based on your keywords
  • Track what is being said on your brand
  • Track your competitions progress and implementations
  • Track new links coming into your website for SEO purposes
  • Identify potential customers
  • Identify potential competition and turn them into partnerships
  • Identify potential joint ventures and super affiliates
  • Find out content scrapers who take credit for your content

You can choose to view such alerts through an rss feed, google feed or email. You also have the choice of getting such alerts as it happens or bunched together.

Are you taking advantage of any social media monitoring tools?

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