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Some wise person said to me recently that a resolution is simply a to-do-list for the first few weeks of January. I look back at my younger years and I can agree with many resolutions that I had failed to uphold or keep. Like many human beings we all have good intentions but fail to implement goals and/or be consistent with our goals.

Part of implementing goals is focusing on an action list. It is essential to create a daily agenda of items that need to be taken care of. Most people focus on the end results without focusing on the necessary path to achieve those goals. Resolutions are designed to fail because it focuses on changes but not necessary focuses on action items.

I remember last year in January I wanted to create myself as a content authority in the city and expose my brand locally. So I started out by writing everyday and creating presentations, this lead to speaking and over time I achieved what I had set forth to do over the year. It took a lot of hard work, commitment and accountability. Finally the main focus was on an action item list that helped me everyday to keep me focused and responsible.

Have you created a list of action items for your goals in 2013?

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