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Get out of the way!

I recently had a meeting with a former mentor who has a ton of experience in the corporate playground. Having sat on a few corporate boards and played major Director roles, he was qualified to give me some insights on senior management. I asked him what his biggest pet peeve was in the industry and his response was simple, “Control!”

One of the biggest challenge is when middle management or management is given the task of managing a project only to be stalled by a senior manager who hired them in the first place. The questions, “Why did you hire me in the first place?” seem to be a common question asked. The truth is if you are a business owner or decision maker, time is a valuable currency. You do not have the time to give control to take it away! Trust in the people you hired for the job!

I recently ran into this challenge myself when I recently worked with a project group in the past few months. I was asked to assist in a project management concerning social media and content. The challenge was getting the resources to do my role. This challenge was a major setback as far as timelines, communications and expectations for success in the project. After levelling with the decision makers and stating my challenges I finally received the resources I needed.

I asked all my clients if they really can get out of my way? As a decision maker you need to place your trust and accountability in your team as you run the risk of losing the confidence of your team members in your leadership abilities.

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