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Get a job!

Some of the most effective unorthodox advise I recently gave a few starts up in 2012 was simply, “Get a job!” You see most solo-preneurs who run around trying to get their business set up are in need of income coming in. It’s hard to run a business when you have no income to pay for start-up costs. In this day an age its a calculated risk rather than going out and securing a business loan. Most start-ups fail because of poor operational implementations.

Some of the most successful start-ups I have known all got their businesses running before they quit their source of income. At the end of the day an entrepreneur can do far more with less time and make better decisions if they know their personal and business expenditures are covered by other means of income. This also prevents you from making desperate decisions and trying to sell everyone that comes your path.

While this advise might not work for some it certainly working for many businesses out there. It took me a few years to get my own business running from the ground up and while this was occurring I too started working for my clients to pay the bills. Granted the business day was a lot longer, but I successfully managed to grow my business overnight!

If you are struggling to run your startup and have no clue whether income is being generated start off by getting a job! As a start-up it is important to create multiple streams of income.

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