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I have been talking about content creation and curation  for a few weeks now. If you want to have a credible presence you need to be posting content consistently. This however isn’t the only thing you need to be considering. The main emphasis of content curation is the quality of the content you produce over anything else.
Focusing on the user experience will in turn help build a brand loyalty and a successive approach to content creation. Google is tightening up how they view websites and starting to focus more on how viewers are looking at websites. It’s no longer just about posting a blog frequently. It’s all about how effective your content is to your visitors.
Google recently released a new algorithm to follow their Panda update and they have named it the Penguin update. This new update is even more impact full then the other updates and plans to focus on quality search results over any other websites who have applied black hat strategies. A ton of affiliate sites will be effected by this. It doesn’t stop here. Google will also punish sites that have weak, spun regurgitated content. It’s important now more than ever to produce fresh content that’s original and your own.
Blog posts need to contain substance and you need to put out content for your readers. I was reminded of this a few weeks ago when my passionate writing brought my blog a ton of success, comments, social engagement and overall better site visits. If the average time on the site is lows and your website has a high bounce rate you probably have weak content. Quality writing also includes visual tools, attention grabbing headlines and the use of video. Remember if your content is good people will take the time to read it!
Google in brief loves 3 major concepts right now
1- Fresh quality content that is consistent
2- Social signals and engagements
3- The overall user experience based on your analytics
How is your content fairing at this current time? Do you have a content strategy in place. Are you struggling with creating fresh content?

4 Responses to Fresh Content.

  1. As you know.. I have never had a problem being fresh.. but my design teacher also said, it has all been done before, you just have to find a way to make it yours, put your own perspective to it.. so I see Google has the same expectations..

  2. Thanks for this post! It’s very inspiring and useful. I think it’s very positive that Google change their algorithm to measure quality content instead of quantity. Nothing is more tiring than meeting dull and weak content when searching for a specific topic. In this way, reward finally go to them who make an effort of creating something good.

    • Google has to stay relevant and ensure they are the leading brand when it comes to SERPs (Search engine results pages)

      At the end of the day I see website owners having to make changes to keep up to the times!

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