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Listening to clients?
If your a consultant, coach or a service provider. If you are a business where you sell a service that requires your face time, consultations or a coaching session you have probably experienced what we call a communication break down. The biggest contributor to communication challenges with your clients is when the creativity on the service provider doesn’t match the clients vision. In fact this mismatch can cause so much tension and in some case business being lost on the table. We constantly hear service providers complain that their clients are too picky. The questions to ask is are your clients picky or are you not willing to listen to their needs.
If you are the service provider you must ask yourself if your creation is a bigger priority to you over your clients vision. This is an important question to ask yourself. If you choose to be flexible the chances are you are more open and flexible to your clients requests. If you are not able to make that sacrifice and your non negotiable is that your creative stamp must go on all client projects regardless of what their vision is than you must be upfront. The challenge you come across is the conflict caused from not properly going over the boundaries when servicing a client.
The next important factor to consider is what happens when you disagree with your clients vision.
1- Do you inform the client about your disagreement?
2- If the client doesn’t take your advise, do you put it in writing?
3- Should it be important to outline that the client is making a decision on the project at their own risk?
4- Is your client willing to take that risk?
5- Would you like to proceed with the client or is it time to pull out?
These are questions you need to have with your client before you get into business together. This way there isn’t any surprises or conflict that could occur. I find when expectations are clarified in advance, proper communication and follow up are met, the service process is easy. It all boils down to effective communication and knowing what your limitations are?
What are your limitations? Are you flexible? What are your non negotiable limitations? Picky clients are created by service providers. If service providers took the extra steps and communicated carefully they wouldn’t encounter this problem. Most of the time these situations can be avoided if proper planning, patience and open mind is shown between client and service provider.

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