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Face time

While we live in an online world where social, online and public conversations have changed the landscape on how we do business, there is an increasing trend of online relationships turning offline before they go back online again. Like most relationships online, that personal touch can make all the difference. I call this personal touch face time!

Every week I do my best to connect with at least 3-5 people within my network through engaging them in a conversation, coffee or even a quick Skype or Google hangout call. Most of my brand presence and exposure because of such face time that was dedicated towards my network.

While there can be apparent challenges with timing, scheduling and overall workload, a fresh conversation can help your brand one relationship at a time. It is important to identify why you are meeting with someone before you do so. The next step is to identify the needs and wants from both parties and establish a common ground. The next big impact has been events and keynotes. Through attending, speaking and being a part of some major events in the city I was able to build some relationships

Face time has helped me changed my presence both online and offline. How much face time do you spend on your brand?

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