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Evolution of Testimonials

We all remember those 1990 long tail sales copy where a certain John X recommends you to buy this product. How about that famous ad that said Stacey earned thousands of dollars because of this product. You almost have to buy it when Geoff D swears by this products strategies! In case your website still has those testimonials I have news for you… Loose the cheese! Those days of vague testimonials are over! You see testimonials have evolved and changed drastically in the last 10 years! If your website is need of a testimonial overhaul here are some fresh ideas on a new concept of web testimonials! I will review with you what is currently working for some successful businesses that have shown success by coming up with some really cool ideas on how to enhance the testimonial page!

Video Testimonials is the new form of credibility.  The new age of web attention is grabbed through the power of online videos. A video testimonial is the most effective way of getting your viewers to pay attention to what your customers are saying about you. Most sales copies today contain video testimonials as they increase your conversion instantly. The visual evidence of a testimonial can be so effective today more than ever.

Social Media has made it easy for a brand to market your business. Social Media is one big conversation and when people are talking about your brand in a positive manner its winning an audience. When a brand has chatter on the social platforms it automatically builds a form of credibility. I personally can say that my social platforms have helped me build my brand over night.

Visual Product Engagement is when you showcase your product or the benefits of your product. We all know those late night tv commercials sell on the shopping channel. Well this is done online! I am starting to see more marketers type less on their sales copies and just show it. Anyone remember the shave for a dollar you tube commercial?

Social Reactions is when you allow social plugins on your web presence. Viewers pay attention to what is going on your online presence. When people are engaging on your platforms prospects pay attention to this. When you gear your web presence on engagement you are getting free publicity. Engagement creates testimonials over night!

Viral Marketing is when you brand rapidly spreads across the inter- web as they call!  Do you recall how quickly the Koni video spread overnight? These visually engaging videos turn a product to go viral! The more people see your videos the stronger you build a case for your product or brand!

The power of a referral is the most effective testimonial. Have you ever seen a movie because some told you to go see it. A referral is just as good as a testimonial. When someone refers business to you they are vouching for you. Remember most businesses grow on the foundation of word of mouth of referrals.

What are other forms of testimonials have you come across lately?

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