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Evolution of Contact Centres.

We have come a long way when it comes to how contact centres communicate with customers these past few years. In fact contact centre agents do a lot more than just talk / speak to customers over the phones. Training Departments have had to change their training platforms as there are more different means on how customers are communicated with. Being around so many contact centres in my early twenties I have seen just how much times have changed how customers want to  communicate.

Call Centres whether local, outsourced or remote hire a new breed of representative that has to be able to multi task, speak multiple languages and be able to be adaptable to the different forms of communications. The recruiting process has changed to find a stronger more capable breed of contact centre agents.

If you recently have contacted a company’s customer service, sales or technical line you will observer or see the following different modes of communications.

  1. Traditional inbound or outbound service centres
  2. Correspondence through email
  3. Live chat and online web support
  4. Text message campaigns
  5. Social media chat
  6. Management of social media platforms
  7. Forum Management
  8. Direct mail campaigns

As consumers want to get quicker responses and avoid long wait times you will see more and more inquiries coming in from other easier and quicker turn around platforms. Contact centres will have to spend more development creating a new breed of agents who are able to multi task, do more with less time and be flexible and tech savvy.

Does your business need to evolve when it comes to your service centre?

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