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Event Agenda’s

Event marketing has become a unique way to develop business exposure and building a lead funnel. Businesses offering value, content, information or an opportunity to network and reward their potential prospects or existing customers have had huge success in attaining their goals. I have recently hit the speaking circuit and been invited to many events to be a guest speaker or a panel host. I have managed to evaluate the successes of running an event, seminar or networking mixers. I have realized the success of any business event really falls on the event coordination. Coordinating an event can be quite challenging if you are not an event planner or hiring one.

One of the biggest feedback I have been paying attention to apart from delivering benefits to event attendees is comments on whether a business developed and stuck to an event agenda. I was recently asked to be a part of an event which had a few organizing challenges. The agenda was not published or followed and this not only caused frustrations from the attendees but also the event speakers and panel hosts. When your audience members time is respected you also do benefit to your event success. Delivering on event time expectations is part of the play book for successful event coordinators. Punctuality and finishing an event on time is common business best practise. Yet some businesses fail to follow this crucial step.

Your business starts to loose credibility when you do not follow an event agenda. If you are not implementing an event agenda start doing so. One of the biggest feedback passed on by event attendees is whether a business delivered on time expectations. Its always best to over deliver on such an expectation. Detail out an agenda and leave room for networking and some time to move around for the event. Also leave some time for technical difficulties or challenge you might face during an event. The last thing you need is being behind schedule and keeping an audience waiting.

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