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Entrepreneurship Traps.

In the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to meet and reconnect with a couple of online marketers that I used to work with in the past. These meetings were a great way of strengthening past relationships. In fact I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with past acquaintances.

These meetings were very a ton of fun and also very useful as we traded vital information on our businesses, our successes and challenges. There was so much valuable information and strategies that were being passed around that if bottled it would probably sell at  higher cost than the market price of a pop can.

When I was talking with my friends I discovered a common trap that most of my entrepreneur friends were falling into. I felt it necessary to blog about this common trap and warn any business out there that is starting from the ground up. You see most of the internet marketers are home based businesses. The most common trap you can fall into is complete ISOLATION with devastating impact t the individual behind the business.

I had a few drinks on Friday with an online mentor who makes his living selling e-product online. While the business has been a roller coaster ride with the recent Google updates my friend is reinventing himself. The recent challenge he faced was he was working so much from home that he began to isolate himself from the rest of the world, friends and family. The isolation led him to depression and at certain points he even lost his passion for the business he was in.

This trap has such a devastating impact your business, your products or services and even your customers. You can almost loose you sanity or motivation for running the business. People that have jobs wish they could work from home however most home based businesses will tell you there is a certain discipline in working from home. If you isolate yourself in your business the novelty of running a home based business wears off pretty quick.

Businesses coaches recommend home based owner to get out as much as they can, network and work from coffee shops or hotel lobbies whenever possible. The key is to be around people as much as your business allows you too. With the ability to work anywhere through your cell phone and laptop it gives you the option of being virtual.

This is one trap you want to avoid. What other traps do you recommend staying away from?

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