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Email Marketing Trends

With the current times companies are now forced to give value to their list. Companies are becoming more aware that there is a need for change and with increasing mobile usage in the world, smart phones have changed formatting for emails. 51% of phone carriers in the United States are mobile users. the biggest trend right now is the chances of your emails being read on a smart phone is very high. Consumers now check their emails personal and business through their smart phones and phone sales overlap computer sales at increasing percentages.

Companies have started getting better at being human. In general email marketing concepts still remain the same and wont change much over the year. This form of traditional marketing strategy still carries a personalized message to a consumer. In some ways its more personal. What is changing is how companies are talking to their consumers. Companies are losing the corporate edge and choosing a less formal approach when talking to their customers. The benefit of this is an improvement in email marketing metrics when running campaigns.

Metrics is a form of measurement that evaluates how effective your marketing campaign really is. There are many different metrics you can gauge on an email marketing campaign however the most common benchmarks are
1- Open rate – The percentage of users/ followers that have opened your email address
2- Bounce rate – The percentage of emails that failed to reach the users due to filters or bad email address. This also evaluates your deliverable rates.
3- Call to action – the type of action you want users to take when reading your email
4- Analytics- Traffic statistics if you are sending users to a certain link or page
5-Retention- The amount of users who have chosen to opt out from receiving emails from you in the future.

There are many software’s online and offline that allow you to manage your email marketing campaigns both online and offline. Start up businesses tend to focus more on the online platforms. The most common email marketing platforms are constant contact, a-Weber and mail chimp. All platforms have benefits and advantages to using such systems. Constant Contact are known for their esthetics’s on their email marketing templates, a-Weber has a double opt-in feature that ensures high deliverable rates and Mail chimp is free for the first 2000 subscribers. However these are just a few common options amongst a ton of variety out there.

From recent trends there are three big mistakes you want to avoid when email marketing to a list. The most common mistake is when companies don’t have a human touch with their campaigns. This shows that you don’t care for the list and almost insults the intelligence of your customers. The second big mistake is poor timing in trying to attempt to sell your list too soon. Your first impression is very important and this philosophy also applies to email marketing. The third mistake is when you fail to stay current with your list or the timing on when you start to respond to a new prospect who has just signed on to your list. This is not only ineffective but can hurt your company image. People will unsubscribe and never return.

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