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Email marketing for offline businesses.

We are starting to see trends where offline businesses that don’t even have a web presence start to perform email marketing. I was reminded of this when I was asked for my email information recently at a retail store that had no presence online. If your an offline business wanting to accelerate your business start collecting your clients email information.

If you’d been collecting your clients’ names and email addresses (with their permission) when they came up to the cash register to pay, this is all you’d need to do:

1. Spend about 10 minutes writing an email message, where you give great content and reward clients a discounts on certain services.
2. Send the message out to your list of clients. Provide a call to action and give out your phone number or offer coupons.

Your phones should start ringing off the hook! What was looking like a slow month will soon be booked solid — and all you had to do was put together a simple email message, which took you 10 minutes to write.
Of course, you don’ t need to sit down and actually send a separate email to each and every one of your customers. That could literally take you days!

But with services like mail chimp, constant contact, a weber, you have the power to send out an email promotion to your entire list automatically.
As you collect the names and addresses of your contacts, you just add them to a database. Your email management program will merge the email addresses with your message and sends it out to your whole list at the click of a mouse. It can even personalize each message with the person’s first name… or with whatever personal information you want to include!

When you’re ready to mail, you just have to write the letter once, and the program will insert the personal details for each person into each email, so it looks like you wrote each one individually.  The biggest tip offline businesses need to start doing is collecting consumer information. You are losing money every time you let a client walk out of your offline business without gathering relevant contact information.

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