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Email List Segmentation Trends

Email List Segmentation is going to change how we run email marketing campaigns. List Segmentation is the format of managing lists based on specific targeted demographics to run effective email marketing campaigns. The intelligence used to gather and create such lists is aimed at providing better metrics and results when it comes to email marketing campaign analytics such as open rates and click-through rates.

While List Segmentation requires a custom message to different lists the results can be very effective. The following segments make up the different areas of intelligence you can create an email list for specific targeted emails.

  • Demographic Listing – This is when you create a list based on criteria, location, gender, or behavioural patterns of the user.
  • Event Opt-Ins – This is the division of leads based on the events you attend
  • Industry Lists – This is based on the industry you are in as a user
  • Engaged Listings – This is based on social reactions and who is following and commenting on your social presence
  • Customized Listings – This is a cross-pollination of multiple needs or patterns from the above mentioned choices.
Are you list segmenting your email campaigns?


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