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Email List Generation

I recently prepared a presentation on how to powerhouse your list and covered how email marketing has evolved when it comes to list generation. You see there has been so many new updates about what you can and cannot do when it comes to email marketing. In fact with the new anti spam laws in Canada the regulations on how you communicate with your list is even more important than ever before. Heavy fines in Canada and hurt your business if you are not following the basic rules and regulations on email marketing

The following segments the new trends for businesses who are evolving list generation.

  • Enhanced Opt-In’s – Lists are using social platforms, events and other forms of personalization to collect opt-ins. Personal interaction and customization will play a huge role in the near future when it comes to collecting leads.
  • List Scrubbing – Companies will focus on cleaning their list and utilizing data entry to collect outdated information. More corporate companies will look at refining their metrics by focusing on better leads.
  • Segmentation of List – The intelligence of a list will play a huge role for email marketing purposes. More demographics and list division will come in handy for businesses running frequent email marketing campaigns.
  • Engaged Audience – Email marketing campaigns will follow social engagement and social CRM’s to promote more user engagement. The audience will react based on their social interaction or reaction.
  • Referral Opt Ins – Personal introductions on social platforms will take place more often with the degrees of separation getting smaller and smaller. While permission marketing will still exist you will compliment other lead generation methods into your email campaigns provided you have the consent of the user.
What methods are you using that more evolved than ever before?


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