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Effectiveness of a vision chart.

Most people will overlook the word chart and refer this to a vision board. This is very different from what you might expect. A vision board is a layout of what you want to accomplish and the things you want to have. Vision boards have become a growing trend for many self help platforms. A business vision chart is an enhanced blue print on the direction of where your business is going. After you define your why factor, it is important to key in your what factor. What are you doing today for your business that will shape tomorrow.

A great Vancouver Blog is blogging every day with the intentions of writing a book in the near future. A famous key note speaker is filming all his keynotes to package it into a product in the months to come. A local social media strategist has been growing his list in the past few years only to start marketing to it now. All of these people started off with a big picture vision which takes time to implement and see through.

A successful business platform is all about shaping its future. Whenever I work with a client I focus on the things we need to do for today and the things we need to do to shape tomorrow. A vision chart will focus on tasks, processes and objectives with the intentions of growth. A vision chart will emphasize on action steps with a purpose.

Here are a few tips on creating a vision chart:

  • Focus on the now and things you have control of
  • Distinguish on tasks you can take on today and what you need to put aside for tomorrow
  • Create realistic timelines
  • Identify key successes and failures to your competitors
  • Create a wish list
  • Test and gauge results
  • Build a platform that has room for growth
  • Identify key measures to growing your business model
  • Build and recruit a team of influencers that will help to get you on your way
  • Identify key goals and metrics

A vision chart typically does not consist of pictures but rather directions on where your business will end up.

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