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Effective Information Panels.

I have attended a few marketing events of late and found that there is a growing trend of expert panels where a Q and A session is promoted and implemented. I myself was asked to be on a social media panel and was asked to give my insight on social media platforms. I have seen first hand what works and what does work when deciding to implement an information panel. Below are a few tips on how to have an effective information panel:

1- The key to having a panel is carefully selecting experts who know their stuff.
2- The panel of experts need to come from different backgrounds to promote different opinions and debate.
3- Promote the panel well before your event.
4- If possible promote hash tags or use social media platforms to engage your attendees.
5- Ensure the panel members are given a table, laptops and a pen and notepad to take questions or research information if required.
6- Have a moderator or emcee host the Q and A session.
7- Properly introduce your panel of experts.
8- Ensure panel members do not over extend their stay or drag their answers. Set timers for each panel member.
9- Give time for the Q and A session. Never rush it!
10-Ensure panel members deliver quality content and not deliver or promote their business.
11-Ensure there is mutual respect and healthy dialogue between panel members and attendees.
12-Avoid interruptions and avoid disruptions from attendees.
13-Ensure panel gives different opinions and different outlooks on trending topics
14-Promote dialogue
15-Appreciate, recognize and reward panel members.

These following steps will ensure you deliver an effective and awesome information panel!

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