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Effective Followup

Having worked in the service industry in my earlier career I have realized the importance of an effective follow-up. Any business must ensure that they score high points on customer support and resolution. Most customers who have an escalation are looking for a solution and want to be heard. One of the most aggravating things you can put your customers through is not following up with them when they expect a follow-up.

I recently was promised a call back from a manager of a retail store and it never happened. It is important to be proactive rather than sit back and wait for the client to call back and complain. At the end of the day being proactive can help prevent a ton of escalation and complaints.

It is important to follow-up and stick to the schedule of the follow-up to prevent customers from being even more upset. Most of the time we set up or create follow ups when we need clarifications on how to solve a problem or find a resolution. So a customer is already in the mind-set of expecting a resolution. When the service agents do not follow-up it makes matters worse.

How do your employees rank at providing exceptional service?

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