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E-Product Creation

Internet Marketers are constantly connecting with people both online and offline. I meet so many different people but lately I am finding a common problem that needs to be solved by the connections I make. I meet a ton of service providers who are really great at what they do but cant seem to package it just right. The recurring trend lately is service providers who have been challenged with writing a book or ebook. Most service providers are trying to create some product to automate some of the sales process but do not know where to start.

SPOILER ALERT – Read this article if you want to know how to create product quickly and efficiently.

The challenge with creating product is you have so much information you just do not where to start. As an internet marketer I have created and managed product creation for a few years now. There is one key secret to creating a product. This is ORGANIZATION.  The secret sauce is first start off by working on a TABLE of contents!

You see if you focus on the table of contents from your curriculum you will be able to sort out where each content will fall under. Its like sorting out your content by categories. The key is to list out the chapters and what branches it will cover. Then you break down each category into sub topics. After this you now have a visual list of content to write on. Through research, curation is created.

Once you have your table of contents sorted out the next phase is to use a program like One Note for Windows or Growly Notes for Mac which are easier platforms to write multiple pages of content due to its flexibility and ability to manipulate pages and sections. This is how many e books are written. The crucial stage is the organization of data and then setting a goal of writing out chapters every few weeks or months.

This quick tip is very useful and really is a golden nugget. How many of you are planning on writing a book or creating an e-product? What are your current challenges right now?

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