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Dude, your pitch sucks!

The problem with a bad pitch is that it leaves a lasting impression. I know this from years of experience selling a variety of difference products. While its important to have a sales process, its now even more essential not to repel your audience. When people are put off by your sales approach they usually tend to avoid you like the plague. It hurts your credibility when they warn others of you.

Since I started networking I have been exposed to a ton of brutal sales pitches. The most important lesson I can teach people is to avoid going for the sales pitch on the first meeting. Would you talk about moving in with someone on the first date? Would the first thing out of your mouth on an interview be a question on the wages? There has to be a transition time where people get to know who you are and what you stand for. Some people might call it sales “foreplay” but this really falls under the branches of attraction marketing.

While some might make fun of my terminologies on push or pull marketing, we really are experiencing a change in direction where direct sales pitches only work when people already are aware of your brand. Having said this, at some point there has to be a call to action. Most people need direction on what you need them to do only after you have made an emotional connection.

Here are some lessons on how to improve one’s pitch

  • Dont assume everyone needs your product
  • Dont go for the pitch as a conversation opener
  • Dont let your sales approach be the only thing you talk about all day
  • Dont post multiple links of your sales platforms across your distribution funnel
  • Focus on content and build a value proposition
  • Dont sound like a used car sales person
  • Dont sell the dream, focus on the needs
  • Prospect the needs of your leads funnel
  • Identify needs and look for buying signals before you pitch
  • Be subtle on your sales approach
  • Avoid becoming a sales pest
  • Dont stalk people online across social platforms
  • Dont invite people to events without identifying interest

What tips would you recommend to improve one’s sales pitch?


6 Responses to Dude, your pitch sucks!

  1. What do you mean by “Dont post multiple links of your sales platforms across your distribution funnel”… I got confused when I read it. Are you suggesting that I need more than one sales platform? Sorry to sound like a noob but I am new to this. Much appreciated.

    • Hi Julie

      Thanks for reading and your question

      As far as posting multiple sales links, I always recommend people to avoid posting the same status update across their social channels

      For example – I sometimes will see someone post a sales link 7 days in a row on their facebook update, I also will then see the same link on twitter, linked in and google plus…
      Its always good practise to post once and let is distribute across other social channels on other days…
      Sometimes we have the same people following us across all our social platforms so it helps to change things up across different platform

      I will post one blog post on facebook but a different one on twitter and a different one on google plus and a different one on linked in
      In a week all of my blog posts will get facetime but on different days
      Does this make sense?

      Platforms mean social profiles, twitter facebook linked in google plus and other social bookmarketing sites
      Landing pages are websites where you sell product also called ecommerce sites

      If there is any other questions feel free to comment i will be happy to help

      thanks again for visiting! – How long have you been reading my blog now?

    • Thanks for commenting, Its always a pleasure to see the great team from BKHjerky comment on my blog – Congrats once again on getting the deal on dragons den

      In response to your question

      There are many definitions to push and pull marketing, but in my blog its referenced more on a sales and online basis
      In this case

      Push marketing is more direct marketing, advertising and pitching clients
      Pull marketing is more inbound marketing, attraction based marketing where clients come to you based on your branding and the value proposition you offer
      In this case you are not doing much on an outgoing marketing campaigns but the form of marketing is social, viral, video or referral based

      In the 60’s 70’s 80′ 90′ push marketing was the main concept for traditional marketing and advertising agencies
      This has evolved with the introduction of social media to more inbound marketing where leads are coming to you

      I recently mentioned your jerkey product to a few friends as i told them about the dragons den event, my friends ended up stoppng at your store and buying a few bags
      Cost for you marketing – zero dollars
      Cost for me speaking about your product – zero dollars
      Brand attraction – instant
      this led to a buying decision from my friend

      Does this make sense?

  2. When I meet someone new, I like to introduce myself” Hi I’m Don Tietz, I get business found online locally, What’s do You do?”
    In 2 seconds I finished about me and the ball is now in their court, I try to ask leading questions about their business. This helps me to find out what they are doing and gets them talking about themselves because people feel more comfortable talking about themselves. I always try to give them a tip to help them.

    • I agree Don, its important to get people talking about themselves first.

      I typically ask what is it they do, what is working for them and what challenges they are facing – At this point I can identify if they are a potential prospect or what capacity we can be of use to each other

      Why pitch everyone? I use the reference of the skittle bowl – I go through the bowl of skittles to find the red ones!

      thanks for your insight and comments as always!

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