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Dude, where’s your website?

This last weekend brought a lot of interesting meetings and conversations. I met a family member who has been running his business offline for over 30 plus years. He happened to share with me the highs and lows of his business and then revealed to me that he has been running his business offline and has been for a while. I was extremely baffled that he did not have a website or social platform and then he shared the reasons why his business didn’t require the need to be online.

I felt I had to share some of the reasons how a successful business can run without the need for being online:

  1. The location of your business and your customers determine the need to be online. You see my relative disclosed that he comes from a small town and everybody knows his trade. In fact most of his customers are repeat business and from the area. He has crafted himself a niche and labelled himself as the go to guy for this particular trade.
  2. While the new generation of customers might negotiate cost and try to get better deals, his experience allows him to dictate his prices and hold his ground on the quality of work. He mentioned to me part of his success is the knowledge he has in the industry and how many times he educates his prospects and turns them into customers.
  3. He is in the business where he is white-labelled and outsourced as an independent contractor and hence he is not only targeting customers but also other businesses that utilize his crafts and skills. He also happens to be in the trade’s field.
  4. He still advertises in the yellow pages and the radio because his demographic is the baby boomers who still happen to find his business through these platforms. While he feels he will eventually have the need to be online to accommodate a new breed of customers he currently has been dominating an offline market.
  5. Most of his business is repeat customers and he has managed to find multiple streams of income through his industry selling multiple products. He also has services he offers after the initial point of sale and has a great up-sell process.

So there you have it folks, there are actually some businesses still thriving in an offline form of marketing. I was surprised and felt the need to share. What other factors do you think could make a business stay offline and thrive?

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