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Do’s of Social Service.

Social Media Customer Service has been a big trend for businesses establishing a brand presence on such platforms. In the past few months we have seen some big brands crumble with some terrible social customer service. I was compelled to write a blog post on the positives of social service.

There are 5 really key impacting actions that can help your social presence when offering customer service for your brand. These 5 lessons have helped successful brands get results and improve client satisfaction on the social platforms. These are

  • Listen, learn and respond to everything that comes your way
  • Try new things, approaches and concepts
  • Passionate evangelists create buzz, excitement and demonstrate a fun atmosphere
  • Show empathy towards client concerns
  • Demonstrate Patience when handling social escalation’s and inquiries

I believe these practises will show impact for brands going forward this year as more businesses turn to an online presence on social platforms!

How will you service your clients?


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