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Does your perspective matter?

I was recently giving a public keynote when an attendee felt necessary to interject and educate me on how I needed to brand her title. You see I mentioned a title that she felt I shouldn’t have used and she felt it necessary to educate me on why it should be called something different. The reality though is until I was educated I like many other people would type something totally different in google to try and find people in her industry.

While it is important to educate your customers on your brand and what you stand for you also need to optimize your website based on what people are type in the search engines. You are allowed to have a perspective but you also need to come to terms with that your clients have a perception of you that might be different from your messaging. Once the client has entered your realm you can do your best to educate them on what defines you however you need to tap into your clients perspective to get a chance to talk to them.

Sometimes your perspective can limit your marketing and create confusion. If your prospects done understand what your brand stands for you will find your customers going to someone else. I always love how many people focus so much on their titles and come up with overhyped or gloried terms to define who they are and try to stand out. For me I believe your character defines who you are and before you build on that you need to find out what people think of the industry you are in. Focus on the solutions and keep it simple. Do not over complicate your marketing.

So while your perception does matter, your clients perception allows you to have a platform to share yours!

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