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Does your blog need a jump start?

As a blogger I have had to change my entire approach to content writing and delivering great information to my readers. Some of these strategies have now elevated my traffic where I am starting to see tremendous success on my website. Have you been struggling with a content management plan? Do you find challenges blogging? Some of these tips could jump start your blogging aspirations

The following tips can be used to give your blog a jump start it needs

  • Get in the habit of writing frequently
  • Leave comments for other blogs and in turn they will reciprocate
  • Engage with the people commenting on your blogs
  • Distribute your posts through your social funnels and outlets
  • Blog on a popular keyword or search term at least once a week
  • Make it easy for people to subscribe and share your content
  • Become a better writer at headlines
  • Utilize a blogging calendar similar to an editorial calendar
  • Link your blog to the blogosphere and feed burners
  • Pay attention to SEO when writing while still showing passion
  • Become a guest blogger or allow guests posts
  • Set some time for your blog daily as well as content research
  • Use email marketing campaigns to promote your blog or blog posts
  • Utilize google webmaster tools, google alerts, analytics, google plus and google reader.
  • Link to other blogs related to your industry
  • Capitalize on media and video
  • Focus on the user experience

Have you attempted to use any of these guidelines to jump start your blog. What were your results?

4 Responses to Does your blog need a jump start?

  1. Become a better writer at headlines- This is a difficult one for me, but I am working on it.
    I have been using google alerts as a research tool to generate content and I am commenting on your blog right now. I’ll keep practicing.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  2. Thanks for your tips! I try to keep up with some of the points mentioned above, but not all. I keep my editorial calendar in a simple excel sheet, helping me to keep track not only of the headlines but also if I have a source for my images, if the posts contains links and where they go and if the posts belongs to a series. I also do publish my posts on Twitter, try to answer my comments in reasonable time and comment on other blogs (even if I don’t manage so many as I’d like to). As a mother to small children, part-time worker and a blogger (serious about making my blog a success), there’s so much to do and so little time. I will be pleased if you’d write something about time management. Thanks again!

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