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Does size matter?

The social media debate has been going on for a few years now. Does your list size matter? On one end you have a very large social following and you have set yourself as an authority on a social platform. Does this mean you are making a huge impact on the social platforms? Then there is the moderate social following that is decent but nothing larger than life. Would you be making an impact as well? There is also the expert with a very small following. How are you making an impact?

So whats the verdict?

Does size matter when it comes to your social following? 

As easy as it would be to declare the bigger your list, the more your social impact and success, I am not one to give easy statements or declaration. While the great list size will give you some sort of exposure the question really lies into how effective your social engagement really is.

The answer to this question really falls under three words

  • Influence
  • Engagement
  • Reactions

This is not to say that the guy with a smaller falling who is a self-declared social media guru gets a free pass. However if you ended up buying your following through Fiverr, or paid someone to bring you a ton of followings chances are there is much engagement going on.

The reverse effect is when you have follow and have a very large following. It makes impossible to interact with everyone or see everyone’s updates. Keep in mind according to face book insights not everyone sees your updates either.

So when you think you figured out the answers, the questions change…

How big is your social influence, engagement and reactions?

I have coined this term social authority! Yes start putting that word in front of you when it comes to goal setting. Start to create a social authority and no matter what the size, build an authority for yourself. Do not get me wrong while a large list of followers might get you exposure there is no guarantee you will see instant success

The other challenge that I have with folks with large lists is sometimes those folks become social snobs where there ignore engagement and develop this sense of entitlement. I also know other folks who have spent time building a true social following and spend time-sharing content, interacting and engaging an audience.

I know this specific person who has a very large following on Twitter who has an impressive list of followers who does an even impressive job interacting and engaging with an audience. How do I know this? I see the interaction and engagement on her profile. (You know who you are!)

Here are signs that you are a social authority no matter how big your following is: 

  • You following interacts with you as often as possible
  • You receive social reactions such as +1, likes, retweets, pin etc
  • Your content is shared
  • Your links can go viral
  • You receive a ton of messages
  • You receive a ton of support
  • Your following will engage within your network
  • You establish yourself as an authority

Finally you build what the big boys label a SOCIAL TRIBE!


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