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Do your customers feel your brand?

Do your customers feel your brand? Are you touching them in the right way? How many times do they feel connected to you in your entire business cycle? If you are setting out to distinguish and build your brand you need to ask yourself these questions. The answers to these vital questions basically create the layers of your brand.

Some people will claim that there are 3 stages where you can touch your customers. I would say there is a fourth stage that is a more recent trend today. The 4 stages where you can connect your customers with your brand are as follows

  • The prospect stage, this is the initial stage or pre purchase stage where you focus on attraction marketing to give your brand exposure.
  • The sales stage, which really is the time and process of your entire sales process.
  • The recurring stage, which will take place after the sales process. This usually involves an up sell process or even a way of getting your clients to return to your brand.
  • The viral stage which in my opinion is the time when your customers become your brand and do the selling for you. Through the power of conversation, referral or brand engagement this is probably the most quickest way to grow your brand!
There are various different touch points your brand can make a connection with your clients. The more connections the better defined your brand is. Some are very direct while others are very subtle. Some are visual, others are viral or engaging. Branding gurus will recommend 4-5 touch points to make a good impression.
The truth is you see these stages in all kinds of businesses and establishments we walk into today. If done right the brand usually grows rapidly!

What stage have you perfected?

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