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Do you white-label?

White labelling or outsourcing options become essential when you feel you need to grow your business. In fact some businesses will add multiple streams of income by using this option. You also increase or enhance your products and services by offering more options to your existing customers.

I have been doing a lot of networking lately and found this option to be a peak of my success in 2012. You see I was able to increase and offer more to both existing clients and new prospects. I created a one stop solution for internet marketing services by partnering with someone I could refer business to. Trust, reliability and a good business relationship is key and vital to see white labelling become a success.

I was recently at a research group when I found competitors turn into referral sources because they used the white labelling option. It saves times for referring parties and can become a major contribution to your annual ROI. A good white label is when you meet the costs of the operators and have a rewarding mark up for the referring source. Some mark ups range from 50% to 600% and in some cases can be very profitable.

Pricing must be competitive and a clear expectation must be outlined by operator and referring source. Most white label options will let the client and referring source deal with each other. It is then up to the referring source to pay out the white label operator. In this day you can white label content, resources, products and services. You can even partner with competitors to offer a more enhanced product line.

Is your business ready for this option?

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