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Do you stand out?

2012 has been a break through year for me as far as branding and exposure. The core for this has been my approach has stood out from a pack of marketers. I was reminded of this today when I went to a networking event and had almost half the room come and greet me. Now this is no bragging session. The reason for my success is that I truly believe that my business branding has stood out in the past few months.

Someone wise once said that, “character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.” This has been my slogan this year where I have tried to genuinely help everyone I have come across be delivering strategies and content with no pitch. Content has been the key to a lot of good things happening right now for me.

I wanted to reveal a few tips that have been my turning point in 2012 and can help you stand out as a business

  • Know your content, industry, product and become an information centre for the people you run into.
  • You are the go to person and a resource to anyone in need of your expertise
  • Give a little to get more. Do not be afraid to help others
  • Utilize internet marketing strategies
  • Use your social platforms to brand yourself
  • Have a clear branding of you are
  • Become the missing link for your customers
  • Focus on credibility and pay attention to reputation.

These vital lessons can elevate you over night.

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