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Directory website primary focus.

I have been working with a few startups recently who have been using Direct Press to create a directory website. This is an addition to the word press theme designed for you to create a directory website. While most of the programming is user friendly much has to be explored as to what we need to pay attention to when creating a directory website.

I recently had one of my clients who wanted to spend hours, resources and plenty of his budget on the overall look and feel of the directory website. Now while its important to create a user experience for the visitors there are two other factors that need to also be the focus of such a directory website.

  1. The Sales process on business that register with your directory
  2. Sending traffic to your website

These two factors need to be the priority for any website owner looking at building out a directory website. You might ask yourself why? Well its simple, business registering to your directory website want to see traffic statistics before they invest their marketing budget on your monthly fees that you might charge them. You also need to focus and target the industry you are trying to promote your directory website into.

If we look at the spa or salon industry. There are a few directory websites that have a high page rank, a ton of affiliate links and resources and many articles and blog posts. All this generates thousands of visitors to the website which makes it easier for marketing.

What factors do you consider when you are building an online presence?

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