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Death of Membership Sites…

Membership and/or directory websites have been going through different types of impact lately. Now this topic might be controversial and might bring mix reviews. Are membership websites dying or evolving? The challenge with membership websites is unless you have the resources and team there are a few different priorities that you need to take on when developing a membership website:

  • Marketing of the membership of websites
  • Developing engaging content for the membership website
  • Development team for a membership website
  • Customer inquiries and service
  • Payment processing

As a business start-up there are many hats to wear so unless all factors are taken care of there will be challenges a business can face either in marketing or retaining members on a website. You also run the risk of having a ton of charge backs unless you have a team of regular moderators that keep the membership site enticing enough for people to return to it.

So the question remains are membership sites dying or evolving?

I think with the constant integration of social platforms membership sites will have to change their approach to make their web presence user-friendly and have people revisit the site. There has to be a certain amount of interaction and benefit for people to return to the website.

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