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Credibility Matters!

Are you considered amongst your peers as a flake? Do you think your credibility matters? Do you follow up on your commitments when you make an agreement with your connections? Are you labelled as a person who cant be reliable to taking action? These are tough questions however you will be surprised how many people overlook such questions.

I recently ran into someone who is very connected and has access to a few thousand potential prospects to any internet marketing consultant. We happen to know the same people and it just so happened we had a mutual friend. When the conversation started about our mutual friend it just so happened that this person chose not to refer business to our friend because he was what we called in our industry a “flake.” You all have those friends that say they will commit to something or follow up and never do. The problem is when it comes to business you cant afford to be labelled such names. Not only does this hurt your credibility but people start to lose respect for you quickly!

I recently had this problem with another close business associate. He had made an agreement with me and I asked for a certain document. A few days later I asked for the same piece of documentation and it didn’t really happen. Suffice to say that when you are trying to put your best foot forward it certainly wasn’t the right way to start a potential partnership. BOTTOM LINE: Your word in business is everything, your integrity and credibility rides by it!

In such a social world today where your potential customers are engaged and talking about your brand you cannot have a reputation that does not do your business credit. Its important to leave a positive impression. If you are only focused on selling clients and not helping people you will end up hurting your business model.

Here are some tips to help you have a good reputation

  • A short message, call or follow up always goes a long way
  • Stick to your commitments and make it a point to contact and reschedule when you cannot
  • Become a resource
  • Send out a just thinking of you message whenever you can
  • Engage and interact even when your not approaching a sale
  • Give out free stuff just because
  • Stick to your word
  • Dont commit for the sake of pleasing someone
  • Prioritize your time and use a calendar when setting out commitments
Do you struggle with commitments? How are you over coming this challenge?


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