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Creating an online experience.

This past week has been pretty eventful for me. I had a few keynotes and happened to be around a few web designers. I also happened to get into a great discussion with an online marketer mentor who also talked about online experience for web designers. I was inspired to write about this trending topic. Websites are growing in numbers however there is a good chunk of these sites that seem to struggle with its messaging. There are general analogies that were shared with me that I found really interesting and wanted to share with my readers

Going to the prom in your underwear!” – This is when you have a website representing your brand but designed poorly. This is when customers come to your site and label it as a crappy looking website. The lay out is disorganized, the looks are generally poorly presenting and finally the website doesn’t really impress a ton of viewers that come to your site.

“Dressing up for the prom but not leaving the house!” – This is when you have a great looking website but you don’t have a proper traffic coming to your website probably because of the type of content you have or strategies you are not using to bring traffic to the website. Conversion after all can only come from traffic.

Now lets just say  you are doing all the right things to bring traffic to site. Lets also assume you site has a good lay out and looks modern and pleasing. There is still the user experience you have to focus on before you can expect a call to action. The overall user experience comes from the passion you have in your writing. This becomes important if you want your audience to relate to you and build credibility, trust and rapport.

Assuming that you also have a call to action you make it easier for your visitors to make a decision. Buying decisions are influenced. So when you are building a website you must take into consideration how the user will experience your website. The easier for them to relate and understand your value proposition and message the easier it will be for them to act on the influence.

Does your website create such an experience?

By Bosco Anthony

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