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Conversation 2.0

Social media has been evolving rapidly in the last 10 years from platforms to the introduction of social metrics. Social media was defined once as a form of branding and marketing exposure based on content authority, engagement and conversation! The whole world is going through one big conversation.

Well ever since businesses and people got onto the social hype there has been a trail social chaos and destruction. Lets face it most of us have a hard time keeping track of all the social feeds and endless amount of chatter going back and forth.

Well lets introduce you to the new conversations 2.0. This is the hybrid version of the original conversations between two people on a social platforms. Today almost every business is writing and sharing value added content. Blogs are growing everyday and the new age of conversation is really adding and sharing value added content. People are drawn to a brand and or business through the content it publishes.

In fact if you are not blogging consistent you could be missing out on a ton of credibility and business value. How do I know this? I have been blogging consistently and publishing content 5 times a week since the start of this year and seeing amazing results not only on traffic but also building a huge loyalty base of followers. You cannot afford to have a business today without publishing content.

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